Self portrait, St Malo Brittany 2010


people quietly subdued in the black murmuring tunnel
strictly but purposely stuck ,they can reflect here
silence that could last for days , the only oasis of sound from teenagers
being silly with beers and newspaper. breaking the ice..
silence explodes into a cacophony of howling bats.
The gutless self realizations too much for the sweethearts on board,
be drunk , get drunk, cut your dancing fingers off ,massage the senseless,
the sweethearts read their books and look good .
high class men do the soldier walk, without faulting, naturally crumble like a bee licked their tongue once the master steps in .
geriatrics frantically run for the train
whilst their grandkids play in the Tuscan wheat fields.
the donut flavored wind makes the pigeons crazy.
heckling the pompous egocentrics standing at the pub corner,
pigeons want ice cream , just something to nibble, coz the men will take all.