Self portrait, St Malo Brittany 2010


she was an honest girl, told me of her realist mother and romantic father,
how they came to be together, no fools around this place, bohemian loving with milk and honey. kindred spirits ,the birds swallowed away into a lucky place, where she can walk precisely and in timing with her dreams. kids ignorant of their parents, conquered by the city . Mum and dad picked her up, cooked up a country feast with a bottle of fine wine, they did her washing and waited till it dried in the midday sun, fold her clothes and rest the pile on her bed .
The days she was out on the farm picking grapes and having a giggle with the boy , the boy who always threw rocks at the crows on powerlines. She learned not to be scared .. just do what she wanted ,
The crows taught her that the hardest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.